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For great satellite TV, Atlanta puts its trust in DIRECTV

Fifty years ago, there were only three broadcast networks. If you added in your local public stations, the total might have gotten to six. Today, there are hundreds of channels emanating from the United States alone. DIRECTV lets you see more of those than anyone else, and it’s part of the reason why it has become the nation’s premier satellite television provider. As the airwaves become thicker with signals, the entertainment options grow, both in Georgia and across the country. It’s no wonder DIRECTV has become Atlanta’s choice for quality television.

There are nearly 20 million Americans who already have DIRECTV, and that includes thousands of satisfied customers in Georgia. In fact, in a single year, more people choose DIRECTV than any of the top ten cable companies combined! Throw in consistently high customer service rankings, and it’s easy to see that when it comes to amazing TV options, no one competes with the best TV service in the world. If you’re looking for a way to add even more entertainment value for your dollar, consider the benefits of DIRECTV.  

DIRECTV offers a host of incredible options

Citizens of Atlanta, DIRECTV offers its customers the perfect combination of state-of-the-art equipment, diverse programming and an unrivaled emphasis on personal attention. Some of the things Atlanta residents can expect from DIRECTV are:

  • Professional installation by a qualified DIRECTV technician who will hook everything up, ensure that it’s operational, and then offer you a brief tutorial to help you learn how to use your exciting new DIRECTV® system.
  • Exclusive access to NFL SUNDAY TICKET,™ giving you a front-row ticket to as many as 14 different National Football League games every weekend, including out-of-market games.
  • DIRECTV CINEMA™ lets you watch 400 of the newest movie releases◊ each month, many on the same day they’re released on DVD. You’ll also have access to a library of 7,000 other great movies and TV shows, from Hollywood hits to your personal favorites from years gone by.
  • International channels that allow viewers to travel the world via their satellite TV service. There are channels from India, China, Russia, Mexico and many other nations around the world.
  • Amazing technology that includes mobile apps, Whole-Home HD DVR and on DEMAND services that let you watch the shows, movies and sports you love whenever it’s convenient for you.

The diversity of Georgia’s population means that everyone has his or her own favorite type of show, and the ideal service to let you indulge in them all is DIRECTV, Atlanta. With networks as varied as Discovery Channel,SM Cooking Channel,™ MLB Network,™ TV Land® and Sundance Channel,® there’s something for everyone.

DIRECTV is an investment in family fun

There’s a lot of new technology out there these days, and it can be difficult knowing which items deserve more than a casual glance. For TV fans in Atlanta, DIRECTV is a wise investment. Depending on which programming package you buy, you can get 285+ channels, including more than 170 in brilliant High-Definition. All your local channels are crystal clear as well, making DIRECTV a treat for the entire family.

This is where the fun begins, Atlanta. If you’re ready to explore a whole new world of entertainment, call a representative today.

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